Legal & Personal (Non-Court Admissable) DNA Testing

First Choice-EMSI provides professional testing for determining or confirming a child's paternal father or mother. These tests compare the DNA of the potential father with that of the child in order to determine the match. Tests are 99.9% accurate.

Tests may be for legal purposes and involve a certified collector, providing the necessary documents to settle custody disputes or legal matters, or in order to simply put doubts to rest.

Fast, Confidential Maternal/Paternal Test Results

We can provide results in as little as 3-7 days. The results of the test are shared only with the client, however, certified documentation is provided as necessary.

Putting Doubts to Rest

The greatest benefit of DNA testing is to put to bed the anger and emotion caused by not knowing the true relationship of a child to its parents. Whether you are a confused, frustrated, angry, or embarrassed, knowing the truth of the situation can help you reach a resolution and move on with your life, having put any doubts to rest.

Some of the Ways People Are Using Our Services:

DNA test results can be used in any of the following cases:

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How Are Samples Collected?

The inside of the cheek of each person tested is gently wiped with a soft cotton swab. Because almost every cell in a person's body contains his or her unique DNA, swabbing a cheek is a safe, easy way to collect the sample. Each sample is then sealed in its own envelope, labeled for identification purposes and sent to our lab for processing.

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