Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

Testing in the workplace can be for a variety of requirements.  We can match our testing to meet your requirements for as many panels as you would like, and can perform tests on-site, or in office

Typical workplace requirements include:

  • Pre-employment testing for contingent new hires 
  • Random drug screening for ongoing reassurance
  • Post-Accident testing protocol
  • Reasonable Suspicion testing for indicative behaviors
  • Follow-up testing for rehabilative employees

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Why Test In the Workplace?

When it comes to workplace drug & alcohol testing, the bottom line is: drug testing saves you time and money.  

  • The average salaried employee will cost you $7,000 to replace

  • Time, effort and employee motivation are wasted  when you invest time and training in employees who will eventually "wash out" anyway

  • Avoid lawsuits, re-work, and dangerous situations ahead of time

  • Drug screening programs can save up to 10% on worker's compensation insurance